App Key Features

Few of the salient features common across users are:


My Profile

  • Student profile handling is the key module of this app that helps parents to focus on the key details of the student like the name of the student, class of the student, Email – Id and Contact details.
  • Apart from this, we are in the generation of Id cards and other important certificates all can be generated in a single click.

Time Table

  • School timetable are an extremely important option for students as well as teachers, it helps teachers and students both to establish a natural rhythm and routine according to the class subjects.
  • This feature ensures that no teacher is scheduled for too many back to back classes.

My Calendar

In my calendar option, parents can easily see holidays, meetings and events date of the school.



  • It’s a major highlight of using our app is that it gives a high level of transparency as opposed to the traditional method.
  • When the result placed online, it results in significant cost savings via Digital MaxConnect like the cost of paper, copying and distributed all the expenses are reduced or eliminated via this app.


  • The school profile is an important tool for the head of the school.
  • This option will be built up as a satisfactory, acceptable, and unique by our team according to the school.
  • This option helps parents to see all the information about the school like Contact No, Email, Website, Address and Picture of the school.



Live Attendance

  • Live attendance makes use of technology that helps in saving time.
  • The lengthy formalities and processes involved in taking attendance of the student in a traditional way are completely eradicated by our system.


  • We can update homework for the student everyday teachers can give homework by clicking image and also by voice recording.
  • It improves the knowledge retention towards the education system of the school.
  • It encourages the individual learning for the particular student.


  • Managing fees manually in schools is the thorny task.
  • This option covers the fees structure of the school.
  • It is a user-friendly option once you open it you will get easily understand the process.
  • It manages the revenue of the school.
  • It consists of data backup with synchronization.
  • It further helps in better user experience that will directly increase the overall performance of the school.

Notice Board

  • Notice board allows the school authority to post important notices for the school.
  • It is the best way to communicate immediately with all the students in a single click in an affordable and efficient manner.


In the Message box, Student receives a message from the school. School can give advice and instruction to the student for their academic progress.


Bus Route Tracking

  • Our devices keep track of driving patterns and behaviors, like hard braking, unnecessary idling, and speeding
  • It also improves children’s safety Improve Ecological Accountability – With GPS tracking
  • Our GPS bus system can greatly improve the school bus system and also to the school environment.


Parents get the notification about school activities and the student performance in the school. It also notifies regarding upcoming exams, competitions, and sports activities.



  • Instant notifications allow a chance of instant communication with the user. While emails might take time while to be delivered (delivered to spam folders) but push notification reach instantly to the user.
  • The owner of the school can send these notifications at any time, and the users will receive them even if he/she is not using their devices.